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Merchandise and Memorabilia

Items available for purchase at our annual family reunion:


300th Anniversary Mug

This attractive commemorative mug shows the family crest
and the years "1717-2017", celebrating the 300th anniversary
of the first Brubakers arriving in the New World.
Cost: $8.50


History and Genealogy of the Brubaker, Brubacher,
Brewbaker Family in America
1951, by Phares
Brubaker Gibble;
published by the Eastern PA Brubaker Association

This long-time favorite is available for purchase.
Cost: $18.00


Index to the History and Genealogy of the Brubaker,
Brubacher, Brewbaker Family in America
1978, by Ruth
S. Becker

An index of names and additions to the venerable Gibble book.

Cost: $7.00


Reprint of "The Brubakers And Their Lands" by Landis H.

Originally published in the April, 1982 edition of Pennsylvania
Mennonite Heritage
with reprints in 1991 and again in 2004.

Cost: $7.00


Brubaker Family Crest

Available in two sizes.

Cost: Ask for details.

Also available:   (while supplies last)

Record of Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Sherk Brubaker and His Brother Daniel Sherk Brubaker
   by Aden H. Brubaker                                                                                                        Cost: Ask for details.
Ancestors & Descendants of Jacob Sherk Brubaker and Daniel Sherk Brubaker            Cost: $7.00
New Buds on a Brubaker Tree    by Dale L. Brubaker                                                          Cost: Ask for details.
The Brubaker Family Tour visiting the earliest known Bruppachers, 1985
   with Wastler Escorted Travel                                                                                    Cost: $12.00
Lancaster County Brubaker Self Tour Guide                                                                Cost: $5.00
Update on William Henry Brubaker .                                                                           Cost: $7.00
1997 Tour of Brubaker Sites by Joanne K. Hoover                                                             Cost: Ask for details.

We have the following publications from The Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage
All are available for $7.00 each while supplies last.

“Plotting the Story of the Abbeyville Mennonite Meeting-house and Cemetery” (July 1985) by Landis H. Brubaker
“Hans Jacob Brubaker, Fraktur Artist” (January 1986) by David R. Johnson
“Swiss Bruppachers in Lancaster County, PA” (July 1993) by Jane Evans Best
“Peter Brubaker and Related Families of Lancaster County and Franklin County in PA” (July 1996)
     by Joanne K. Hoover

We have the following Memorabilia:

Lapel Pin w/ Brubaker Crest                                                                                          $5.00 each
Pendant w/ Brubaker Crest ...                                                                                        $5.00 each
Brubaker Crest silk-screened on white cotton cloth                                                       $5.00 each

Shipping costs are not included. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Currently Brubaker family and history related merchandise is available for sale at our annual reunion. If you are unable to attend our reunion, please feel free to contact us to make other purchasing arrangements or if you have any questions.
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